CodeIgniter Framework for Web Development

CodeIgniter is a Hypertext Preprocessor MVC framework for developing packages unexpectedly. CodeIgniter provides out of the field libraries for connecting to the database and appearing diverse operations. Like sending emails, importing files, dealing with periods, and so on.

CodeIgniter Release Records

2006  First model of CodeIgniter
2009 ExpressionEngine launched
2014 British Columbia Institute of technology took ownership of the challenge
2019 stable version 4 predicted to release

  1. The framework uses the model-View-Controller architectural design
    The framework is well documented, and they may be right books, tutorials and responded forum questions about CodeIgniter
  2. CodeIgniter comes with some libraries, and helpers users out of the field
  3. CodeIgniter is easy to master for all and sundry who’s already familiar with personal home page
  4. In CodeIgniter person requests a useful resource, the controller responds first. The controller knows the person request then request the important statistics if it is crucial
codeigniter Framework for web development

CodeIgniter Functions

let’s have a look at some of the capabilities that make CodeIgniter notable. the subsequent list isn’t exhaustive but gives you an idea of what to anticipate whilst operating with CodeIgniter.

Small Footprint

The entire supply code for CodeIgniter framework is near 2MB. This makes it clean to master CodeIgniter and how it works. It also simplifies deploying and updating it.

Blazing Fast

users generally tend to favor packages that load very rapid. if you have labored with a number of the current frameworks, then you will recognise that they take much less than one second to load simply after set up. CodeIgniter, you may hundreds on average round much less than 50ms. The greater time spent optimizing like is the case in any other framework is freed up while you are running with CodeIgniter.

Loosely Coupled

The built-in functions are designed to work independently without depending an excessive amount of on other components. This makes it smooth to maintain and make improvements

MVC Architecture

The framework makes use of the model-View-Controller architectural layout. it’s far industry standard practices when working with internet packages. MVC separates the statistics, commercial enterprise common sense, and presentation.

Available Documentation

The framework is well documented, and there are good books, tutorials and replied forum questions about CodeIgniter. this indicates something venture that you have, possibilities are someone has already encountered the hassle, solved it and the solution is available for you.

software particular built-in additives

CodeIgniter has additives for sending e mail, database management, consultation control and lots of more as you will discover as we retain with the tutorials.


CodeIgniter comes with a few libraries, and helpers out of the container. If what you want isn’t there otherwise you would like to implement an present feature your manner. Then you can do so without difficulty by creating your libraries, helpers, programs, and many others.

Short Studying Curve

CodeIgniter is straightforward to master for all people who is already acquainted with personal home page. inside a completely short time, the student can start developing professional packages the use of CodeIgniter.

How CodeIgniter Works?

CodeIgniter is an MVC framework. MVC stands for model View Controller. while a user requests a aid, the controller responds first. The controller is aware the user request then request the necessary information if vital. for example, in case you want to retrieve a consumer with the identification= 3, the controller will obtain your request, then request the version to retrieve the document with the id of 3. The version returns the record to the controller. The controller then forwards the result to the view which codecs it into a human-readable layout. Then the consequences are lower back to the consumer in the browser.